ProNet: Dynamic Circuit Capabilities

Each IRNC ProNet project is implementing a dynamic circuit service. Each project implements dynamic circuits in a slightly different manner. That aside, each ProNet project is prepared to work with US-based researchers with international collaborators to implement dynamic Circuit services.

A short description of each ProNet project dynamic circuit service follows. Following that description is a URL that points to further explanation within the project web page.

ACE: In December of 2012 both MAN LAN and WIX will have full dynamic capabilities installed. The initial implementations will be with OSCARS. Each of MAN LAN and WIX will operate as a separate domain and will peer will any other dynamic networks that have connectivity to those locations.

The consequence of this for ACE is that any of the Trans Atlantic links that land at either MAN LAN or WIX will be available for dynamic circuits. Today, when there is a desire to specify a VLAN that leaves Europe and goes to a US research location, it is necessary to manually configure that VLAN on both ends of the Trans Atlantic circuit. This, of course, takes some lead time. In December 2012 (when full dynamic circuit capabilities are installed in MANLAN and WIX) anyone with dynamic capabilities in Europe (connected to AutoBahn) will be able to connect to anyone connected to any of the US layer 2 dynamic circuits, ION or OESS.

There is also currently work going on to implement NSI within OSCARS. It is expected that in early 2013, both MANLAN and WIX exchange points will implement NSI. AutoBahn is also working on an NSI implementation though their time frame is uncertain at present. When the AutoBahn implementation is complete, using NSI for an end to end circuits from the US to Europe will also be possible.

URL pointing to ACE web page to go here:
Americas Lightpaths: Text to be added later.
Gloriad: Text to be added later.
TransLight/Pacific Wave: Text to be added later.

TransPAC3: Through the cooperative relationship between the GRNOC, who operates the Los Angeles end of the TransPC3 circuit, and APAN-JP, who operates the Tokyo end of the same circuit, the TransPAC3 project currently provides dynamic VLAN based services between JGN-X network in Japan and the Internet2 ION network in the U.S. using OSCARS. The JGN-X network also has dynamic circuit peering arrangements with the KOREN network in Korea.

This makes it possible for researchers in the U.S. and Asia (Japan, Korea) to create a dedicated high-performance layer 2 paths between their institutions to carry out research activities. When the implementation of full DCN capabilities is complete at MAN LAN and WIX (see the ACE project description), it should be possible to create dynamic circuits end-to-end between participating European and Asian locations through the U.S.

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