The Cyber Criminal Game Today

The Cyber Criminal Game Today

The number of cyber attacks is at its highest rate ever and it only increasing the day.

If you don’t think your at risk then your wrong, cyber criminals attack anyone and everyone. To know what to look for less over the top attack methods cyber criminals use today.

Trojanized Update

Cyber criminals will find the software that you use on your computer or laptop, and go to their website to download the latest update. They then will insert their Trojan into the companies most recent update and repost it to the website.

Then, when consumers install the latest update they also install the Trojan horse onto their computer or laptop. Thus, rendering complete access to all of your personal and private information. To help prevent this from happening you should check with all software companies to make sure they are protecting their website and their users from these types of attacks.

Spear Phishing

You know that random email that pops up in your inbox every now and then? This is usually a cyber criminal sending malware to your computer through your email that will attack your computer or laptop once that email is opened.

Using your history from your browser these hackers figure out what you look at and then send you an email regarding anything you recently looked up on your computer. So if you recently went on a larger e-commerce site, for example eBay or Amazon, they will figure out which product or item you most recently looked at and send you fake information pertaining to this product or item to catch your attention. It may include something like a coupon or a sale. Do not click any links included in the email, your best option is to immediately delete the email from your inbox.


Hackers will steal your information and lock you out of your computer or laptop completely, then attempt to sell your information back to at a high price. These hackers look for important documents like tax information that they know you me and will be willing to pay a hefty ransom for. You should always print a hard copy or store any valuable documents on a second hard drive to use at back up.

Watering Hole Attack

Attackers will once again use your cookies, cache or history from your browser to find what website you visit the most… and find a way to attack you there. If the hackers successfully attack the website you most commonly visit, the next time you go to you will be automatically redirected to a different site where the hacker is waiting for you.

At this point, the hacker will look for any vulnerabilities in your operating system and proceed to hack you. To prevent this from happening or to better protect yourself, you should always make sure these websites have some kind of high security standards that let you know you are being protected.

About the Author: Garet Haynes

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