Victims of Cyber Crime

Victims of Cyber Crime

21 million people were affected by having their personal records stolen during the security breach at the office of personal management.

How do employees protect themselves? Cyber criminals are after valuable information such as budget figures and contract details that most employees don’t even realize they have access to. All passwords should consistently change between personal and government accounts as well as social media accounts. Also, all social media accounts should have their privacy settings set to the highest.

As an initiative to increase the knowledge of cyber threats as well as to provide resources to be more secure online, the DHS launched a new campaign. To safeguard networks government agencies have created a fund.

What do you do if you’re already a victim of a cyber crime or identity theft. By creating a culture that is educated of the importance of cyber security, we can prevent such crimes and reduce the amount of victims.

A victim I specifically remember was a young women who bought lifecell all-in-one anti aging treatment cream online. Her computer had a virus and the attackers were able to steal her credit card information during the checkout process.

Recently the office of personnel management had announced that 21.5 million people had personal information stolen from their computers. Over the last few years Home Depot and target had a massive security breach.

Cyber threats continue to grow as well as become stronger, this is a nationwide issue. All agencies should be assessing all security issues continuously, too many times mistakes are repeated. That is why we encourage the public to share their stories, agencies need to know how they are affected and who is affected by each breach to learn what they can do to minimize the amount of any future breaches and to hopefully one day eliminate them.

The Department of Defense is scrambling to keep up with the speed at which private sector are developing new technology. Probably the most important and largest problem the Department of Defense has is personal data security.

Mobile devices are playing a major role in today’s technological advancements. The military takes the most advantage of mobile device and the technology built in them.

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