Federal Networks in 2019

Federal Networks in 2019

Every year in Washington DC a federal networks conference is held. It’s the most important government wide conference that focuses on solutions to¬†solve the governments largest challenges. These challenges include, but are not limited to, defending against cyber security threats, providing quality care for nations veterans, and strengthening defense.

Senior decision-makers from top government agencies across the world all gathered to this major event.

The Defense Department’s top technology officials will give you a detailed look into how enterprise-level initiatives plan to shape the governments upcoming generations infrastructure.

Sponsors include:

  • Harris
  • Fluke networks
  • Comcast business
  • Windstream
  • Level III
  • Federal times
  • Fierce government IT

Agencies are aware that federal networks provide them a direct channel to industry representatives who have the authority to mobilize the innovation, talents, and technology needed to guarantee success in the transformation process of the next generation network infrastructure.

Discussion topics include:

  • Move to enterprise opportunities and risks
  • Gen. services administration integrated technology services
  • Report from the Veterans Affairs executive in charge for information technology
  • Enterprise program management office
  • Defense health innovation
  • Contracting organizations
  • Update on the joint information environment
  • DISA update
  • Army enterprise requirements update
  • Opportunities in the intelligence community
  • Air Force information-technology update
  • Navy network opportunities

Join TeleStrategies and Suss Consulting in February and the a part of the biggest national international changes.

The US government employee registration is free. Nongovernment employee registration has a standard conference rate and is open to any government vendors, integrators, or IT professionals and consultants. The full two day conference pass cost $1,035. Though one day only conference pass cost $645 and allows you to go to the first or second day of the conference. They have a lunch half that includes all in one lunch buffet for $50. Their website includes a link to register online and provide a safe payment method for your convenience.



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