Network Connectivity for the New Windows Platform

Network Connectivity for the New Windows Platform

Did you know… Windows 10 comes with your very own network connectivity Assistant.

No need to install it, it’s ready to use right out of the box. You can find the tool under your settings>network icon in the right corner near the bottom. You probably noticed a corporate connection option as well. This option is the new DCA tool you can use if you work from home.

I know a lot of windows fans were not very pleased with Windows 8 when it first came out. Naturally, many people are resistant to change… and that’s exactly what Windows 8 was. Microsoft was well prepared for the initial wave of negative response from their consumers. After a rough first few months people started getting the hang of the new windows platform and reviews started to lean more positive then negative.

Windows 8.1, the latest edition, actually has many great little features that many people are unaware of.

The Start Screen

I know… when you first saw all those tiles you weren’t sure what you got yourself into. It should be familiar to those who were windows phone users. Each tile represents an application that gets notifications corresponding to that specific app. Your calendar will notify you of an upcoming meeting or event and your email will let you know how many unread emails you currently have in your inbox. Of course, you can create tiles for anything you want like contacts or games.

The Desktop

I can only imagine how excited some of you were when you found the desktop icon and clicked it. This area you knew and you knew well! You have your task bar and all your normal icons. But where did the start menu go? It’s randomly hanging out in the top right corner invincible, just waiting for you to hover the mouse over it so it can appear and assist you as your convenience.

Touch Screen or No Touch Screen

Windows 8 was developed around the concept of your device being a touch screen. I have both touch screen and non… but having this platform on a touch screen is much more convenient then not. It makes everything much smoother, so if you don’t have a touch screen don’t just the platform until you test it out on one.

With all these amazing features that Windows has to offer you can easily become lazy.

So don’t forget take a break every few hours and do something active, otherwise you will need Gycentrol to help you figure out how to get rid of man boobs you developed “over night.”

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